Mobile Lifting Aid

Lifting Aid for People

Mobile Aufstehhilfe
Mobile Lifting Aid

  • Lifts people safely to an upright standing position.
  • High stability at full lifting height (up to 1m).
  • The lifting aid lowers to ground level. Distance from seat to floor: 4mm.
  • Easy transfer to a chair, wheelchair, sofa, or toilet.
  • There is a mobile and a fixed model.

Description of the Lifting Aid

The lifting aid is available both as a mobile and a fixed model, and it can lift people (weighing up to 120kg) from ground level to a height of 1m (higher is possible if requested). This works with a special lifting seat, which the person sits on. The seat can be stopped at any time between ground level and 1m. On it there are two handles, which can be folded backwards. Lifting speed is 2m/min. Power supply: 230V alternating current. Operating voltage: 24V direct current. Operating control element for going upwards and downwards. Overheating protection. Seat and handles are adjusted according to the customer’s needs. Seat is removable; optionally (at extra cost), it can be upholstered.

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